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Heritage lights

Statesman News Service |

Walking along the stretch between Raj Bhavan and Curzon Park just after dusk is no welcome constitutional
as a friend testified recently.

An advocate of declassifying heritage buildings especially those maintained at government expense, he had to walk
gingerly as the street lights are non-functional and shafts of light from the headlights of the passing vehicles which fell
off and on, lit up the pavement beside the gubernatorial residence for a few seconds hardly improved matters.

Stumbling and occasionally colliding with other pedestrians in the darkness made deeper by the shadows of the trees within Raj Bhavan, he was almost seeing stars when the light of the stately building were switched on lighting up the pavement outside it.

Our friend progressed at a brisk pace and never again referred to defraying the expenses of maintaining heritage
buildings from state exchequer as wasteful expenditure.