Some people, it appears, refuse to grow up. Particularly when dealing with one’s parents, old habits rarely change, a colleague narrated. An acquaintance of his, who is married with two kids, is, nevertheless, mindful of his father’s temper. He often resorts to wild excuses to get away with some misdemeanour, just as he did in his childhood.

Some time back, our colleague’s friend, who runs a transport business, was scheduled to go to his in-law’s house in Lucknow to fetch his family back but was unable to get a confirmed train ticket. However, he was keen to go and so arranged to travel by one of his trucks that was transporting some goods to Lucknow.

But he was reluctant to inform his parents who, he knew, would prevent him from travelling. And so, he spun a tale! He packed his bag, left home, informing everyone that he was boarding an evening train. But the truck was to leave at midnight and so he had to wait for it. A new drama awaited him when some time late in the evening his father called up to check where he had reached.

In a bid to lend some special effects to let his father believe that he was indeed on the train, he stood in front of a running fan so that the background noise would resemble that of a running train. However luck was not with the poor chap. His son innocently blurted the truth and informed the grandfather that his father was arriving in the  truck, thus letting the cat out of the bag!