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Faux pas

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After “Destination weddings”, now pre-wedding shoots have become the norm, where couples spend a fortune to get clicked in exotic locations. A colleague narrated how her friend, who is about to get married had an embarrassing yet

funny moment during her pre-wedding shoot. The photographer was positioning her fiance and the girl for the photos, when he asked, “Have you ever been into modelling?” The embarrassed girl found herself fumbling for a response as she said, “No, I haven’t, but I always thought…” However, the photographer interrupted her and quipped, “I meant him.” All she could do then was just smile innocently.

Logical talks

It is said children often reflect the thoughts of their elders. However, when they voice them in their own inimitable ways, it can turn a situation funny. A colleague narrated one such incident at a birthday party for his friend’s son. The party was organised on the terrace and everyone was asked to take the stairs to reach the roof-top. While walking upstairs, our colleague overheard this funny conversation between the birthday boy and his mother, which left our colleague amazed at how a child’s innocence could make someone think logically.

While carrying the 3-year-old up the stairs, the mother told him, “Just think, when you get older, you can carry me up the stairs.” The little child kept quiet for a while. He appeared to be thinking about this and then, with a worried look, he asked, “Will you be any smaller?” Obviously, the mother, who was taken aback at the child’s thought process, had no reply!


Ladies’ spat

It’s heartening to see a different set of behaviour in the Delhi Metro, especially among the young. The Metro has made some provisions for the comfort of all travellers ~ ladies’ coach as well as reserved seats for ladies, senior citizens and specially-abled. Most passengers abide by this and readily vacate their seats for a more needy person. However, some commuters take advantage of this “reservation” ~ young ladies are seen asking older men to vacate “Ladies’ seat”. Senior citizens and physically-disabled passengers are directed towards seats reserved for them as youngsters refuse to vacate the non-reserved seats. Thus, a recent incident in the Metro left our colleague and other co-passengers applauding three plucky young girls, who shared two “Ladies’ seats”.

Trouble started when a middle-aged lady got in and promptly ordered one of the seats to be vacated. The girls bristled at her tone and argued that they were as much entitled to the ladies’ seat as the woman, who appeared hale and hearty. “You are not old nor physically disabled. And so you can’t even claim those seats!” one of the girls retorted. As the lady became abusive and berated the young girls, the trio decided to teach her a lesson. They stood up, saying they were quite capable of travelling standing up. But they refused to let the lady or anyone else occupy the seats they vacated.



Overheard: It appears that fasting and feasting have become the new political mantra.




(Contributed by: Rakesh Kumar, R V Smith, Nivedita R, Kunal Roy and Asha Ramachandran)