One of the biggest functions of Ad Agencies is to draw out the dark elixir of manipulation and exaggeration. In this world of advertisements, these are the most potent magical ingredients. These can enable one’s motorcycle to fetch his cap from the eye of the hurricane, enable one’s deodorant to make thousands of lovely ladies chase him down the globe. 
And not just that when one finds his lady-love, there are perfumes that can enable him to ‘not fade away’ from her vision, while the other men turn to dust and vanish in the air! In this magical world of advertisements, the mystical agencies provide solutions for all kinds of unsolvable problems and ‘unfulfilled’ desires. 
So if we’re stuck in traffic and have to reach some place of great importance, just there pops in a wonder drink and ‘gives you wings’ to fly there. Other kinds of problems need no longer be a problem. For they have magical toilet seats and deluxe washrooms that can bring back the lost spark in the love-life within seconds. Want a car that can go upside down, that too on a hill? They have that too! 
There are tractors that can miraculously grow crops, so why are we to worry? While we’re still wondering how J.K. Rowling came up with Harry Potter, these white powders that can make any face flawlessly pretty, or those triangular snacks that make us cool or even chocolates that have, what seems like the effects similar to some potent magical solutions – are not the end of it. 
There’s an alternate end of the same world that beholds the even more magical land of ‘Info-mercials’. Here, we can get six pack abs or even eight; getting rid of our ‘family fat pack’ of ice creams within days; that too with so much comfort and fun that the creepy grin refuses to leave our face throughout the workout session, all with the help of their magical apparatus. They have everything.
Multi-utility tools, with which one can invade and capture countries- to flashlights that can show the correct way in the darkest of times. With the advancement, the real society makes towards a brighter future. These fictional products of the corporate world will keep entertaining us in ‘super unnatural’ ways. Who knows, we may even run into an ayurvedic cigarette that can cure cancer in the near future!
ex- St Mary’s Dumdum