Experiencing the snag of being in a labyrinth is something
one has to face some day or the other. It seems to be a more convoluted process
and that one’s blunder and sins takes him to the ever-appealing door of maze,
ignorant of what meets us all in there. But the most jarring fact is that, we
are never aware of our presence until our lives are completely revamped by it.
Such is the trait of chaos in teenage life.

Recollecting those golden days in kindergarten, we mastered
certain common words maybe without knowing their meanings. This might have been
a cumbersome job back then with our immaturity and impressionable brains inept
of swallowing the meanings of such words, in spite of our tutor repeating them
like a frantic parrot.

With time, we applied those very words to sentences taking
into account their actual meanings, and consequently, we implemented those
sentences to simple paragraphs and those paragraphs to intricate articles and

We certainly used to ponder over the use of  ‘a’ or ‘e’; ‘by’ or ‘at’; ‘grammar’ or
‘grammer’; and now perhaps, we are evermore bewildered between the paths we
ought to choose at the most highlighted point in our lives, where one single
decision decides our future. In this process the evolution of human brain is
remarkable, yet during worse situations, it fails to keep pace with time. In
the culmination; basic questions automatically peeks in- “What are we really
good at?”, “Is this at all beneficial?” Sometimes even the most synchronised
and meticulous plan gets defeated.

So, what are we to do? Should we just sit down and
amalgamate resources for devising our next move? Or should we just ignore them all
and take a power-nap? When we are amidst developing ideas, it’s really hard to
acquire enough distance from them to see if they make sense. All we do is
simply wait for the consequence, no matter how misleading it appears to be.

It is apparently high time that we learn to accept our flaws
in the tenderest way and convert them into something that will bring forth the
most extraordinary accomplishments. Since our metaphorical car is now at a halt
and is going nowhere, this is the perfect time for us to construct a plan
because, ‘the way out of the labyrinth is to pretend that it never existed.’


(Coordinator, Class
XII, St Teresa’s Secondary School)