People from across the globe are undertaking management degree in order to reinforce their business perceptive in a variety of areas. While pursuing MBA, students opt for a specialised stream. For some, this passion and drive is in the field of marketing that allows one to explore the world of marketing and communications management in greater detail. 
Marketing managers in specific have to work with customers, manage sales associates, hit monthly store quotas and pitch in whenever something needs to get done. Employers often look for a blend of diverse, transferable skills that are indicative of a versatile, well-rounded candidate who has a good understanding of the industry and is able to adapt as needed. 

There are multifarious skills which are to be taken in consideration when it comes to excellence in marketing. A true leader has a clear vision of where they want the marketing team to go and they set a positive example that encourages others to follow them. Delegating work to subordinates is an important function of management. Following up at regular intervals is also essential for a manager to ensure that the subordinates are working as per the plan and schedule. 
In any business, one of the biggest challenges is finding, developing and deploying the right talent in order to achieve business goals. Change is inevitable, so the team requires ongoing training and development to acquire new skills and take on bigger and more complex challenges. A manager works with subordinates to identify their areas for improvement and provide them with the training and development they need. 

One of the most important skills is the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Having excellent interpersonal skills will help you maximise the value of each interaction to everyone’s benefit. Most marketing employees are responsible for sales. So, it is essential for the majority of applicants, whether you’re going for an associate position or a management position. A background in sales leadership is vital for the market managers. You may be asked to train sales associates and then improve their sales numbers over time.

Problem solving may seem like a straight forward skill to have, but it’s actually considered to be one of the most complex intellectual abilities. Today’s  managers need to be both skilled critical thinkers and problem solvers in order to manage the maintenance budget, supervise a team of technicians, prioritise work based on need, manage maintenance metrics and stay on top of the latest technologies. Teamwork is viewed as the most efficient way to get things done in any organisation. The results achieved by the entire team are greater than the sum of the results achieved by the individuals. Look for team players who are reliable, respectful, cooperative, flexible, and who show commitment to both the team and the task at hand.

Technical skill is proficiency in a specific activity that involves methods, processes, procedures or techniques. Individual performers expect their supervisor to be able to help them with technical problems. One should be well acquainted with the required technical skill set in order to come up with all sort of technical issues.

Markets evolve quickly as equipment and systems are getting more complex. Organisations must be adaptable to maintain a competitive advantage. The same is true for market managers. The modern managers must have the ability to adapt quickly in response to changing circumstances and environments. They must be willing to embrace new ideas, new ways of working, and new technologies. Challenge the status quo; demonstrate openness to fresh ideas as there is no room for rigidity in practice. 

Market managers need to be flexible and mentally tough to deal with day-to-day variations. While the uncertainty of the industry can be exciting, it can also lead to burnout if you don’t have the chops to handle the ups and downs. It is a fast-moving and dynamic industry, and it takes a lot to stay on top of everything that’s going on. Successful market managers are organised, good planners and strong troubleshooters. And one should have the ability of multitasking. 
If stress is allowed to build up over time, it can consume you. As a manager, one must possess the ability to handle stress which may not be a so-called skill, but it can mean the difference between success and failure. When you control the controllable, you can reduce the chances of suffering from stress. Having the skill to control stress will keep you in good spirits and positively affect those around you. 

For managers in any level, developing and refining  skills will help you get the most out of your team, help you gain greater respect from company executives and give more opportunities for career advancement. Many of these skills intersect, so improving one will have a big impact on others. They will help you create a healthy work environment where the employees will look forward and exciting new challenges that will help in the achievements of goals and over all escalation of the organisation.

The writer is Executive Director Ims Noida