‘No Design is a bad Design’: Sanjana Bajaj

Jewellery Industry

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In conversation with Ms. Sanjana Bajaj, Founder-Zevarking. Sanjana has expertise in the field of jewellery designing and production, in this conversation, Sanjana talks about recent trends and changes in the industry.

Q- As you yourself have been in this jewellery manufacturing industry for a long time now, how do you see the trend of fast fashion, especially in terms of fast fashion jewelleries?

  • Fast fashion is replicating recent catwalk trends and high-fashion designs,
  • Mass-producing them at a low cost.
  • Fast fashion reduces the cost of in-house designing
  • It helps in creating a quick change in the collection
  • The success rate of the product is more .
  • All classes of buyers can enjoy the current fashion
  • Reduces the dependency of buyers on luxury and expensive brands.

    Q- As jewelleries are something that makes a look feel complete, how do you suggest to your client what Jewellery can go with a particular dress? Also, what challenges do you face while designing jewelleries for specific clients, what has been the source of inspiration for your designs?

Jewellery is a work of art. There are times when, if paired correctly, jewellery can definitely take your outfit a notch up! Often it’s extremely easy for people to choose their outfits but trying to pick the perfect Jewellery with it, is not something that most feel comfortable with.


When it comes to a busy print pattern or an outfit that already has too much going with it, consider solid bracelets, watches, and earrings instead of showy accessories.

You can also wear jewellery according to the occasion. To simplify a little, try wearing minimal jewellery for regular workwear or more statement pieces if you’re on a holiday!

A statement piece can definitely highlight a simple dress. If you’re wearing an off-shoulder, you can you with a statement necklace or statement earrings.

You can also always stick to classics if you are not someone who likes to experiment much. Pearls are a woman’s best friend. A classic pearl necklace or pearl earrings are something that can go pretty well with your work, vacation or formal wear.

Honestly, there are so many ways and patterns with how you can play with your jewellery. Just have fun with it that’s all that matters!

Nature is something that inspires us the most. Our jewellery is highly inspired by elements of nature. If you take a look, our designs, our colours, are something that resonates with nature in some or the other way. While clients do like a little customisation here and there, we are always happy to provide anything that is in our purview of work. We already give various customisation options. For example, if they like to get a size to customise or if they like a particular component of design from one piece and would like to combine it with another.

Q- In jewelleries how are trends being decided, do you think the Bollywood or small TV artists’ fashion attire has a big hand in developing and shaping these trends?

Absolutely. Fashion amongst normal people is highly impacted by Bollywood or TV artists. You are attracted to what they are wearing What you see them wearing on tv or in a movie or even in real life. Nowadays Instagram gives you a huge insight into their personal lives and consumers are definitely attracted and hence search for pieces similar to theirs.

You just need to be on your toes with the trends. When a customer lands on our website or our Instagram handle and they see celebrities wearing our designs, that particular design gains a lot of attention.

This actually a loop, what they wear, what you create and what the customers desire.

Q- Is there any special or any memorable incident that you would like to share with us, that has made you gather experience in this field?


We created a product which dint come out to be very well and we thought we won’t be able to sell it any time in future.

Then suddenly a famous influencer wore that product and promoted it for us, that became a game-changer and we sold the maximum pieces of any design.

We should never think or use our scene of style, you never know what fashion or product becomes a show stopper.

Q- In the present times, trends just come and go, many times the jewelleries that are produced go wasted due to the fact that trend cools down, in such cases how is a fashion restored or how do you manage to save the production getting to waste?

Try to create 70 per cent of the catalogue more of the classic collection, so that you are dealing with only 30 per cent which is based on trends.

Fashion always repeats itself. Maybe not in the exact same form but definitely similar. As I stated before we have a mix of conscious as well as fast-moving fashion. We always try to incorporate an element of a previous design in our new ones. But in an entirely visually different way. We try to minimise waste and cut down on unnecessary production as much as we can.

Q- Is there any message you would like to give people who are jewellery and fashion enthusiasts, how can they catch up to trends and update their wardrobe with current trends?

Have fun and don’t be scared of experimenting! Fashion is a very self- interpreted word. Its definition varies from person to person. While some enjoy sticking with classics, others are open to experimenting & going ahead with various trends.

While classics are something that is evergreen, there is no harm in playing with new trends. Jewellery is something that resonates and speaks about your personality, it’s something that makes or breaks an outfit. A jewellery enthusiast will always be drawn to experimenting with new trends. We definitely recommend having some staple classics in your wardrobe and being at ease with what resonates with your personality.