Designers Monica and Karishma are taking the fashion industry by storm. Their brand “Jade” has bridal collections that celebrates and embraces the carefree, independent and stylish attitude of the bride to be. They have brilliantly created the perfect mix of traditional and western with the correct amount of energy and sensuality. The duo have delicately used the elegance of lace, rose-gold embroideries and lightly sprinkled crystals from Swarovski to make each garment from this collection a whimsical dream for brides.

Monica discovered her innate talent and love for draping at Central Saint Martins, London, while Karishma honed her skills in fashion at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, one of the premier fashion institutes in the country.


Q What inspired you to come up with Jade?

Jade is born of a fiercely creative spirit and a unique sensibility. Driven by a passion for ethnic exuberance on the fashion freeway, we launched the brand in October 2008. Having been successfully researching and consulting for internationally acclaimed fashion labels for over a decade, we felt a yearning to chart a different course. So, Jade is the culmination of this yearning.

We have used a lot of inspiration from all things from the universe –constellations, stars being a core theme for the collection. A hint of romance and fantasy runs through with floral details and subtle Baroque inspired work. The collection offers a range of European colours on one hand, and then there are vibrant colours from the traditional Indian palette on the other side of the spectrum.

Q How would you describe a Monica & Karishma bride?

A Jade bride is one who is modern in her sensibilities and yet rooted in rich tradition of Indian heritage. She is free of preconceived notion yet thorough in her ways. She believes that style is more than just a trend which is reflected in her attitude and way of life. She bears the spirit of the intense energy, sensuality and is a combination of traditions marrying modern and chic.

Q Brides nowadays are shunning the traditional look and going in for something more modern. How do you find the correct balance between the two in your collection?

New generation of wedding wear is a delicate balancing act, rooted in tradition and yet new, relevant for today’s brides. The skill is taking inspiration from our vast heritage and creating a new identity. Harmonious amalgamation of various facets and reinventing our ageold techniques of hand craftsmanship is what the new generation wedding wear is all about.

Today’s brides instinctively relate with a certain look, it’s no more about an ensemble just being “pretty” instead about functionality, versatility and comfort. Think of it like an ancient river, old as time itself and yet fluid, constantly flowing.

Q What is the most suitable fabric that should be used in a bride and groom’s outfit? A combination of fabrics like raw silk, organza, tulle, silk and cotton Banarasis are usually used in a bride and groom’s outfit. These provide the correct fit, comfort and drapability required to their ensembles.

Q Brides no longer want to wear anything too heavy and want to be comfortable on their wedding day. How does Jade find the perfect combination of an outfit that is both exquisite and comfortable?

Ensembles that look distinctive and versatile are trending and are a big hit amongst brides. Traditional choli anddupatta are now swapped with chic embellished flared jackets that can be paired with lehengas or palazzo pants. As they’re more comfortable to don, especially during the bride’ssangeet ceremony as she can dance freely without the hassle of managing the dupatta.

Elegant capes paired with lehengas are very versatile. They can later be stylishly paired with jeans for other occasions. Based on our experience with millennial Jade brides we find that they are unpredictable and that is extremely liberating and refreshing for us designers.

It is the unpredictability that brings along the opportunity for the best of creations and most lasting