From a serious medico to Miss India World, Manushi Chhillar’s career witnessed a paradigm shift in the past three months. Manushi, a Delhi-based medical student, won the Miss India pageant on 25 June 2017.
In an exclusive interview to, she revealed what led her to take a ‘ramp road’ and much more.

Q. How did you decide to participate in the beauty pageant while studying medicine?

A. Miss India was always there. I have always wanted to influence others’ lives and leave a positive impact. The knowledge gained from medicine and the title will help me contribute more.

Q. Were you always inclined towards fashion and beauty pageants?

A. I was always inclined towards fashion and appearance. I loved playing dress-up with my elder sister!

Q. Were your parents supportive of your decision to participate in the competition?

A. They have always supported me in whatever I have shown interest in. They encouraged me throughout the pageant and have always believed in me.

Q. How did you prepare for the pageant?

A. I was a blank slate. All I knew was how to speak. I learnt the walk, makeup, researched on the pageant and worked on my body. I would wake up early for a workout and cook my own food to keep a healthy diet. I also gained experience by doing print shoots, but I have always been comfortable in front of the camera.

Q. Who inspired you to participate in the competition?

A. Dr. Reita Faria, the first Asian to win Miss World, has been my inspiration.

Q. Hailing from Haryana where being a part of the glamour world is not well-perceived, how did your folks react to your victory?

A. They are all celebrating my victory. They want to see me win Miss World now and are willing to help me in every possible way.

Q. So what are your plans now? Do you plan to join the film industry?

A. My focus is entirely on Miss World, after which I plan to complete my education. But I am always open to opportunities because you never know what surprise life might offer you.

Q. If yes, who is that one actor you would like to debut with?

A. Aamir Khan. His movies have a meaning and they touch the nerve of society. His roles are also very different and interesting.

Q. Any message you have for the girls who aspire to be the Miss India some day?

A. I would like to tell them that be confident about themselves, and believe in the selves they are. Discover your purpose and pursue it irrespective of challenges.
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