TV show host and actor Maniesh Paul is well known and one of the most loved television personalities in India. The radio jockey, VJ and anchor popular for his wonderful sense of humour forayed into films some time back and also does stand-up comedy. After adding a new dimension to his acting career, by playing a dark character in short film Black Briefcase, Maniesh has now taken up a new challenge as an anchor. Unlike the reality TV shows that he has done before, Maniesh will now explore the science behind misadventures on National Geographic’s show Science of Stupid.

In an interview to, Maniesh Paul talked about how science could be fun and the experience of being part of the new season of the show.

The series Science of Stupid surely looks fun. Can you tell us how was your experience hosting the show?

National Geographic’s Science of Stupid is a show that makes science easy and fun. Audiences love the show, so now we are coming up with an all-new season.  Every season, we bring in new and exciting scientific concepts and people are absolutely loving that. It’s not only about kids, I meet a lot of parents who love the show and we are happy to bring in the new season. 

You are known as one of the best anchors on Indian television. What kind of shows do you actually like to host?

Honestly, I like to host all kind of shows – be it music, dance, award nights and science. Thankfully, God has been really kind to me for giving a variety of opportunities to mould myself and entertain the audience.

You have already tried your hands in acting and singing. What else do you aspire to do in the entertainment industry?

Honestly, I am happy with the work I have been doing in the past be it hosting, acting, singing or being an RJ, VJ etc. I don’t plan what I am going to do next. I like things unplanned so that I am able to surprise myself with “Wow, I didn’t know that I could do this”. So let’s see what I do next.

Black Briefcase, the recently released short film features you as a terrorist. What was your experience playing such a dark role?

Yes, playing as a terrorist in my short film Black Briefcase wasn’t easy for a person like me who talks a lot and likes to have fun. It was also challenging as I had to remain quiet for good 7-8 days to be invested in the character completely. However, I am grateful that the audience loved the show and were really happy to see me in a completely new avatar. I definitely plan to come out with more such projects which surprise people.

What kind of characters do you wish to play in future?

I’ve done a lot of comedy films and honestly, comedy has been my forte but thankfully with my short film Black Briefcase, I’ve broken that stereotype. This film Black Briefcase was a complete 360 degree turn for me as there’s not even a single dialogue and for being known to talk a lot, it was a completely different experience for me to play this intense role. Hence, this short film has opened me to the idea of exploring diverse roles.

Will we see you in more Bollywood films?

Yes, you’ll see me more in Bollywood films again. Currently, I’m working on a few films along with a couple of TV projects and short films.