Mandira Bedi, a well-known name in the entertainment industry and a leading example of making it in a male bastion, shared how she balances her life between work and family and also gave insights into her fitness and fashion mantras.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q You have recently launched your own saree collection.What according to you defines a modern Indian woman?

A modern Indian woman is one for whom the sky is no limit. There are women today who are storming every kind of bastion (not just the male bastions) and excelling in whatever they do. They can be successful bankers or pilots or fire fighters and wrestlers while at the same time balancing their home and family lives alongside. The modern Indian woman, is hardworking, a loving parent, daughter and wife, and a great multi-tasker!

Q What are your upcoming projects? And how hard is it running your fashion label?

I have just finished shooting a web series called Smoke, a Hindi film called Vodka Diaries and am in the process of shooting a Tamil film called Adangatheyand Telugu-Hindi bilingual film called Saaho. Running my fashion label is one of the hardest things that I have done. I started designing sarees on a whim because I enjoy wearing them. But designing on a regular basis and the whole business of retail, is another world altogether. And it’s tough. But I am learning every day.

Q What is your fitness mantra?

There is no secret to it. I work out and eat clean on a general basis. I do binge once in a while but always try to find my way back to good food habits and self-discipline.

Q Which actor or actresses’ fashion sense do you like the most?

I think Deepika Padukone dresses beautifully and so does Priyanka Chopra. I love the style of Rekha too — classic and timeless.

Q What do you prefer wearing the most? I love wearing a pair of jeans and a singlet. That’s me all the time, when I’m not working. Else for shows and events I wear a lot of sarees and am often asked to wear evening gowns as well. On a night out I enjoy wearing shorts, dresses or jumpsuits.

Q How do you balance work and motherhood?

I think that every working mother who is a hands-on mom will find balancing work and family life difficult. But we find solutions on a day-to-day or week-toweek basis. My formula works for me but each mother has to find out what works for her and the children.

Q What advice would you give to those who are aspiring to make a career in this industry?

Please don’t drop out of school or give up your education to be in this business. Your education will always hold you in good stead. So don’t give it up. The second thing you have to know is that, along with the highs, there will always be some lows. But nothing is permanent. Enjoy the good times. Hang in there through the tough times. Good times or bad, remember that this too shall pass!