Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff was in the Capital recently to attend an interactive session organised by Aanchal Sethi, chairperson of Young FICCI Ladies Organisation. In an up-close and personal interaction, the actor shared about his experiences.


Q Nepotism debate has stirred up the film industry recently. Do you agree that star kids are favoured more in comparison with outsiders?

I was an outsider but the film industry and the film lovers accepted me with immense love and respect, Honestly, I didn’t know the meaning of the word “nepotism” before but to say that star kids are at ease as compared to outsiders would be wrong. They bear the burden of the legacy left behind by their parents. Abhishek Bacchan is carrying forward the legacy of Amitabh Bacchan —no one can imagine the burden that young man is carrying on his shoulders. I’ve seen Tiger (Shroff) working really hard. I believe only because of his hard work he has gained whatever success in such a short span of time.

Q After spending more than 30 years in this industry,are you happy with the work that you are getting today?

I am still confused. I won the Filmfare award for best actor for the movie Parinda but very few remember the movie. It was a beautiful film. But my movies like Teri Meherbaniya and Doodh Ka Karz are still more popular among the masses. Ironically, I’ve acted both in movies, which had beautiful scripts as well as movies like Teri Meherbaniya, where a dog is dreaming of Poonam Dhillon and me romancing on a song (laughs). So I still not know what the audience actually wants.

Q Your son,Tiger Shroff,has achieved success in the film industry very quickly.What rapport do you share with him? Are there chances of both of you working together in future?

Tiger is very hard-working. He used to play basketball in his younger days and was very fast. His mother asked him whether he wanted to become an actor or not. He asked for two years of time to prepare himself as an actor. I've seen him working hard.

He leaves home at 7 in the morning for his dance and martial arts classes and comes back at 10. He practised a lot and we all know practice makes a man perfect. I also want to work with both my kids, Krishna and Tiger in the coming future —just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Q How did you name your son, “Tiger”?

My real name is Jai Kishen Shroff. My wife Ayesha named my son “Jai” and my daughter “Krishna”. Tiger used to scratch and bite a lot in his childhood, to which I used to say he is like a Tiger. After that only I gave him the name, Tiger Shroff.

Q Jackie Shroff is known for his bindass yet down to earth personality. What is the reason behind you being so humble and generous?

My father was an astrologer, who predicted that I would become a star. He was the same man who predicted my brother's death. I was attached to my parents. The most difficult phase of my life was when they passed away. Career-related problems are not “real”problems.

They come and go. Real happiness and sorrow is connected with our near ones. There’s been a lot of pain in life. Maybe, that’s why success or failure doesn’t affect me now.

I’m a sentimental person. It is true that I’ve travelled from rags to riches but in the end, we all will vanish and people will say, “Accha thha chala gaya or accha hua chala gaya”. My whole life would be summed up in these two lines, which is the reason why I don’t take my stardom seriously.