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World environment day opens eyes to see changes in the environment

The campaign slogan for this year’s World Environment Day (June 5) is “Only One Earth: Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”.

SNS | New Delhi |

Every year June 5 is marked by frenetic activity and named world Environment day. From tree-planting drives to beach-cleaning activities and celebrities reminding us of our social responsibility – it seems the call to action for rehabilitating the planet is audible on this day. That’s because June 5 is marked by the United Nations as World Environment Day (WED), a day set aside since 1973 to promote worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

The campaign slogan for this year’s World Environment Day (June 5) is “Only One Earth: Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”. As the drastic events happening across the world whether it’s a flood or heat wave the destruction caused by the Assam floods again this year was painful The floods of May 2022 affected more than 1.7 million lives in Assam, which witnesses immense destruction and displacement by the floods every year.

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch a global initiative ‘Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE) Movement’ on Sunday (June 5, 2022). During the video conferencing event which is scheduled to begin at 6 pm, Prime Minister Modi will also deliver a keynote address during the programme. This programme will also witness the participation of Bill Gates, Co-Chairman of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Lord Nicholas Stern, Climate Economist; Prof. Cass Sunstein, author of Nudge Theory; Aniruddha Dasgupta, CEO and President World Resources Institute; Inger Andersen, UNEP Global Head; Achim Steiner, UNDP Global Head and David Malpass, World Bank President, among others, said PMO

What can we do at the personal level to save the environment?

1. Save water

Small efforts can make a big difference while brushing your teeth switch off the tap. Fix your faucet as that helps to reduce a large amount of water wastage. Stop drinking bottled water and opt for tap-filtered water.

2. Reduce the usage of paper in life

Reduce paper usage in your daily life. Timber is mostly used to produce paper, which poses a risk to the natural habitats. Try going paperless in whichever way you can, opt for online bank statements.

3. Use the public transport system

Opt for biking or walking as obvious ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This helps to keep your body fit. If walking is not possible make use of public transit.

4. Say no to plastic

Take reusable bags to the grocery, and avoid using disposable plates, glasses, spoons, and napkins. They create huge amounts of waste. Use products made of recycled materials.

5. Trash things carefully

Recycle your kitchen trash in a careful way. Make a list of how many times things can be reused rather than simply throwing them away.