Two years after Robin Williams’ death, the Oscar winner and comedian’s daughter Zelda has opened up about the grief and hardships she experienced. 

Zelda appeared on Chelsea Handler’s talk show Chelsea, where she discussed life growing up with father, reported Entertainment Weekly

"I didn’t really grow up in the spotlight we lived in San Francisco so for me, we were already kind of together and close. 

"And so I just kept going, ‘OK, well, today I’m going to get up and love what I do. And then tomorrow I’m going to wake up and be happy and love what I do. And then the next day… 

Because that’s all you can do," she said. 

Zelda went on to talk about the reactions of her loved ones and how she was affected by the responses of others. 

"It was very funny because, for a while, no one would let me do anything. I think there’s that reaction of like, ‘Oh, are you OK?’ And then even if you are OK, they’re like, ‘Well, what’s wrong?’ For awhile, I was just kind of left to my own devices." 

The actress has been keeping herself busy, by playing a transgender character in Freeform’s Dead of Summer and a maniacal kidnapper in Lifetime’s Girl in the Box

"I’ve been working really hard and it’s been nice because you get to not sit with yourself for too long." 

She has also written 12 scripts in the past two years.