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Was dying of heart attack: Ellie Goulding


Singer Ellie Goulding had reached breaking point when she was diagnosed with exhaustion. She says she even had panic attacks and felt like "dying from a heart attack".

Goulding has revealed that she was forced to cancel a string of shows in the summer, and adds that it was a really frightening time for her, reports

"I was diagnosed with exhaustion a couple of months back, but it’s only now that I realise how bad it really was," Goulding told Stylist magazine.

"When I think back to my tiredness, my slump, not wanting to exercise and not being interested in anything… It wasn’t depression, it was just my body giving up," she added.

The 29-year-old also suffered from anxiety. She said it was so bad that she thought she was going to die at one point.

"I’d have panic attacks and, to me, they felt like I was dying of a heart attack. It’s a very hot, burning feeling, like your heart is racing uncontrollably," she said.