Did you know that not just the colour, but also the number of roses you receive has a hidden meaning? Yes, folks! It is a thing apparently. So, on this Rose Day (7 February) send a message to your significant other without writing it down. Here is everything you need to know about the number game.

1 rose: A single rose says ‘Love at first sight’

2 roses: Suggests mutual love and affection

3 roses: It simply says “I love you.”

6 roses: If you want you to say “I want to be yours.”

9 roses: Says, “I want to be with you forever.” Eternal love

10 roses: Show your admiration and tell them “You are perfection.”

12 roses: Ask them “be mine” with a dozen of roses

13 roses: This is what 13 of them say, you’ll be friends forever, but several other sources, means you have a secret admirer.

15 roses: 15 roses mean “I’m sorry.” Did they do something wrong?

20 roses: “I am sincere towards you.”

21 roses: The hidden meaning behind 21 roses is “I am dedicated to you”

24 roses: If 1 dozen says “be mine,” 2 dozen says “I’m yours.”

25 roses: It says “congratulations.” Well, what for?

36 roses: “I will remember our romantic moments” or “I’m head over heels in love”

40 roses: It says “My love for you is genuine” that does call for such amount of roses

50 roses: 50 says their wallet has no bounds and also “unconditional love”

55 Roses – They only have you on their mind.

66 Roses – It suggests “my love for you will never change.”

77 Roses – This signifies ‘faith’

88 Roses – 88 is the number for you if you owe someone a rather big apology

99 Roses – To tell the special someone you’ll love them till the day you die

100 Roses – A 100 stems is to covey your devotion to them

Here, your rose day is sorted. Choose the number for your message and thank us later.