TVF stars partnered with the Mumbai Police and Red FM to start a unique initiative to spread the message about the dangers of triple ridding. They are running a video campaign on triple riders to capture the attention of the audience and make them conscious about the issue.

The three popular actors from the famous Tripling Series, Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, and Amol Parashar, are part of the video that shows them struggling to fit on a two-wheeler. They try to tell viewers that “tripling only looks good on-screen, and not on the roads”.

The video has Red FM jockey Akriti play a police officer who catches the three and fine them for triple riding. While the trip tries to sweet talk the cop into letting them off but all they get is a surprise action by the police officer.

Sharing his views on TVF’s road safety awareness campaign, Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Traffic, Amitesh Kumar said, “It is the combined responsibility of the authorities as well as the citizens to ensure that sour roads are safe. However, triple riding is commonly seen among the bike riders in the city; and it definitely puts the safety of the riders as well others on the road, in jeopardy. So, it is essential to create more awareness about the hazards of such activities through strong campaigns such as the Tripling Road Safety Awareness campaign. I feel certain that the citizens will support us in ensuring that our city roads are safe; and will avoid triple riding and stop anyone from doing so.”

Commenting on the campaign, Sameer Saxena, Chief Content Officer and Head of TVF Originals, said, “In Mumbai, everyone is always rushing to get somewhere and with little or no attention to traffic rules. One of the most dangerous safety violations that people engage is in triple riding. Despite the traffic police putting in great effort, a large majority of the people still put themselves and others at grave risk. At TVF, we have always wanted to use the reach that we have to make a difference and create a positive impact”.

He added, “With the second season of Tripling out now, which features a road-trip, we knew we had to speak about road safety to make the audience aware. We are glad to have partnered with Mumbai Traffic Police and Red FM to create awareness about the dangers of triple riding amongst Mumbaikars. Tripling rides can be fun especially with siblings, and if one wishes to do it, opt for any four-wheeler or public transport, rather than a two-wheeler.”