Aamra Kajon (Drama Society), a well-known theatre group of Delhi NCR recently staged “BHOY” at Muktadhara auditorium on the occasion Bengal Theatre Fest 2018 organised by Office of the Resident Commissioner Government of West Bengal.

The group has staged 86 theatre productions which include more than 450 stage performances in last 33years in Bengali, Hindi, English and Japanese languages.  Aamra Kajon has bagged more than 60 prizes for their productions. They also groom young generation in acting at theatre workshop for three months annually.

The play “BHOY” meaning fear written by Shyamal Chandra is essentially women centric and is directed by Sandeep Bagchi, a well known actor and director of Delhi stage, who won several prizes as an actor.

BHOY Theatre
BHOY is an impressive drama based on a powerful storyline.

Speaking with The Statesman, he said, “Women are fighting against very heavy odds and are not giving up. Even if they have to leave home or their families, they are seeking justice. The kind of resistance they are suffering, both from the system and from society, reflects the true face of where we are?”

The one-hour-long play mainly revolves around Dr. Mallika Sen, a medical practitioner and researcher staying alone in Kalimpong. For the last few days she is in trauma and living in fear. One evening, while investigating a murder mystery, police officer Jyotileshwar Ganguli visits her place to reveal some secrets to Dr.Sen. Her life changes upside down when police officer asks her to reveal the truth.The brilliance really kicks into high gear in the second half of the play and reached its climax as she uncover cruel truth making  audience engrossed and captivated. Dr. MallikaSen’s life changed as system continues to be unresponsive and society unchanged, but now the system is no longer going to be unchallenged.

The noticeable thing of the play is its cast. They not only resemble the actual people but also perform highly well. Rabishankar Kar is a well known director, actor of Delhi theatre. He has been directing all plays of AamraKajon since 1998 and played more than 75 characters in last 33 years who plays roll of Jyotileshwar Ganguli in outstanding ovation. His body language very much reflected the act of a police officer with aggression and passion.

Nivedita Sircar, who marked her acting debut 33 years ago, is a well known actress of Delhi stage and has done the character role of Dr. Mallika Sen. Her dialogue delivery, emotions and facial expressions were excellent. She has got a nice stage presence too, especially noticed in post’s dilemma and its ultimate decision.

Shankar Roy, who plays the role of Kishanlal, is convincing as a Nepali. His fluency in speaking raw language was excellent. Kingshuk Sircar, a veteran actor of AamraKajon as Dr. Prasanto Basu, was splendid with his performance. The stagecraft, lighting, music, costume and make-up, etc…captured the eyes of audience diligently.