Mark-Paul Gosselaar had to gain weight for his role as Mike Lawson in TV show Pitch. The American actor says he has always been thin, but for this role he “constantly” has “to think about food and eat food”.
Gosselaar packed on the pounds, had to eat over 3,000 calories a day, trains regularly, and grew a beard for the role of a strict, hardworking captain of the baseball team.
“Yeah, I mean, a lot of people say like ‘Oh, my God, you get to eat whatever you want, that must be so amazing’ and it is for probably two weeks and then you’re basically forcing yourself to eat. I have a high metabolism, I’ve always been relatively thin, and to play this role, I constantly have to think about food and eat food,” quoted Gosselaar as saying. 
He added: “For me to gain it, I had to eat more than normal, which consisted of eating a lot of meats and fats.”
The show centres around Ginny Baker, a female baseball player. The first season airs in India on Star World and Star World HD.