In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11, Hina Khan’s gang starts gathering attention by calling Akash names. Having a tiff since the beginning, Hina and Akash have always failed to get along with each other. On the other hand, Puneesh also indulges in a fight with Priyank, after Bandagi put blames on the latter.

Bigg Boss then introduces a new task, where the housemates have to be seated in an artificial rocket. This sort of task has been witnessed in the last season as well. The housemates get their outfits, which are like that of an astronaut.

The twist in the task is that Puneesh will be made the gatekeeper and will keep a watch on the contestants. There is a siren at certain intervals and whichever contestants decide to walk out, could leave the rocket then. However, there were envelopes with each contestant’s name kept on one side, which they had to open and see the amount they lost after their exit from the task.

Puneesh keeps a close watch on them, until he gets distracted by his love interest Bandagi and goes to spend some quality time with her.

The first contestant to leave is Sabhyasachi Sathpathy, and the housemates lose Rs. 70,000 from the prize money. Post that Bandagi, Arshi and Shilpa also get down and the housemates lose Rs. 1,75,000, Rs. 3,10,000 and Rs. 8,00,000 respectively.

Puneesh falls asleep and Hina Khan gives the idea to his team members to go out of the rocket and use the washroom. When the task is called off, Bigg Boss accuses contestants for leaving the spaceship and brings the prize money down to zero.

Hina starts crying and blames herself for all that happened in the house.

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