It was a day full of surprises and sacrifices in the Bigg Boss house, as the contestants were tested to their limits during Bigg Boss’ signature task ‘The Phone Call’.

‘The Phone Call’ is one of the most infamous tasks in the show for testing the patience of contestants by putting them in complex situations.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11, housemates were introduced to task, where the person who attends the call will be nominated directly and can only be saved through a follow up task by the other housemate.

The first one to attend the call was Hina Khan and her excitement turned out to be a disappointment when she got nominated. Hina was asked by Bigg Boss to convince Luv to get a Zero tattooed on his forehead with ‘mehandi’ in order to save her. Luv agreed to do it.

Next in line was the rapper Akash. He was asked to convince Hiten to shred his family photo! After a brief emotional moment Hiten tears and sacrifices his family photo for Akash.

After going through an emotional moment, Hiten was asked to come on the stage and pick up the phone and was asked to convince Priyank to go bald to save himself. Priyank agreed and saved his friend by shaving his head with the help of Hina Khan.

Priyank was the final housemate of the day to attend ‘The Phone Call’ and was asked to convince Benafsha to nominate herself for two weeks. Benafsha agreed to this and nominated herself for two straight weeks.

After the task was over, the mind games and politics begin to take shape as Vikas believes it was foolish of Benafsha to nominate herself for two weeks to save Priyank.

Akash fakes going against Shilpa in order to win housemates trust. He pretends to have a tiff with her. Akash is also very keen on breaking the bond between Vikas and Arshi, as he finds them to be strongest contestants in the house.

Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors MondayFriday at 10:30 pm.