In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11, a new task is introduced to the contestants where all of them would have to freeze on the word of Bigg Boss, and then their family members would come and meet them one by one.

The first person to come inside the house is Arshi khan’s father, but all the inmates are asked to freeze. He meets and greets everyone, and asks Arshi to change her hair style and look inside the house. He also mistakes Shilpa for Hina. Bigg Boss then calls out Arshi’s name and she meets her father. After he leaves, Arshi accuses Shilpa of passing vulgar looks to her father and says that she would misbehave with her relative also.

Vikas asks her not to fight with Shilpa that day as it is an emotional day for everyone in the house. Arshi calls Vikas “thali ka baingan” and picks up a fight with him.

Later, Shilpa’s mother walks in and greets everyone. She thanks everyone for calling Shilpa “Ma” and asks them to respect the word. As Bigg Boss allows Shilpa to move, she tells her mother that she talks too much. Shilpa’s mother leaves after apologising to all inmates on her daughter’s behalf. Everyone meets her except Arshi.

Priyank’s girlfriend Divya comes inside next. She comes and tells her boyfriend that he faked his relationship with Benafsha and did not show the girl in the right light. She told him that he is looking fake outside as he is nothing like this in real life. Divya also tells him that Vikas is his true friend and that he should listen to him.

She leaves after saying this and Priyank doesn’t even get a chance to meet or hug her.

Puneesh seems quite happy about all that Divya told Priyank and goes to the camera to tell everyone that he, who said about him being fake, was taught a right lesson by his own girlfriend.

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