A few days back, Jeetendra Kapoor took the audience on an emotional trip down the memory lane as he visited his first home. The video shared by his daughter and Balaji Telefilms head Ekta Kapoor drew a lot of attention. Ekta Kapoor’s ALT Balaji is now all set to launch a new web series, Home. Ahead of the release, many celebrities took to social media to share stories of their home using #MyHome.

After Jeetendra’s video was shared on social media, the veteran actor had asked the audience to share what does their home mean to them using #MyHome.

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Responding to the call, celebrities opened up about their emotional bond with their homes. Well, known names from the industry such as Hina Khan, Aahana Kumra, Prince Narula, Nakuul Mehta, Avika Gor, Kanchi Singh, Helly Shah, Surbhi Chandna, Rohan Mehra, Shireen Mirza, Mushtaq Sheikh, and Palak Jain among others shared their thoughts.

Aahana Kumra

Hina Khan

My family has always been the source of my inspiration for everything in life. Just as the earth revolves around the sun my life starts and explores it’s complete revolution around my family. Every starting point that leads me to anything good or not so good , I have them beside me , behind me always. No matter where I wander I know I will always come back to my family, my ‘Home’. From the deep unsaid understanding to the unplanned laughs, from the beginning of everything to the end of all sorrows, I cherish everything I experience with my family as they give me a reason to feel at ‘Home’ and come back! My family just like millions of you out there is ‘My Home’ but it’s always better to mention this every now & then so who or what is your Home ? What makes you tick ? Congratulations @ektaravikapoor for this beautiful journey called #Home #MyHome @altbalaji I nominate @priyanksharmaaa @nakuulmehta @ravidubey2312 @rohanmehraa @kanchisingh09 @rockyj1 @geetaphogat @vineshphogat @luvtya6i plz do share your best #HomeMoments

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Prince Narula 

Surbhi Chandna

#MyHome is where Dear DaD is waiting for Dinner even if i am shooting until weird hours so that we share a meal together , discuss days job, also guide me on my life decisions. He makes a point of feeding me (Maa ke haath ka khana tastes heavenly when he feeds me so lovingly ) An actors job is not easy as we know but i look forward to this time of the day where i forget the struggles , stress , worries , exhaustion and be in that moment of making memories. I hate him staying up late and hungry but secretly i also look forward to OUR TIME while MAA is snoring away to glory 😅 I would love to know your #myhome stories @nikitindheer @itsmekratika @niki_walia Looking forward to #myhome on @altbalaji Wishing the best @ektaravikapoor @nimishalok

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Rohan Mehra

Shireen Mirza

#Home is a place which reminds a person of countless memories and values. And #Family is what makes a house Home. This statement is undeniably precise. Home means that no matter what one is going through, no matter how challenging life gets, there will be someone looking out for u. We do Upgrade, do improvement and correction. Home means a stable foundation. When I was a little kid, my parents never had their own place. With 3 kids, my dad worked 7 days a week 18 hours a day; mom took care of us. We went from one place to another. Still we always felt home Coz we were all together.. Coz Home is where the Family is. Home is not a piece of soil but a piece of SOUL. #myhome #home #altbalaji @ektaravikapoor ma’am @chloejferns ma’am ❤️👍 P. S. My second home is my friends in Mumbai 💋 I further nominate @neenakulkarni ma’am Pls share your home story with us..

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Helly Shah

#MyHome is where my heart is ❤️ Where i feel the presence of my family even if they are not physically present ( as i stay alone ) but i know they are always there with me .. Where i have my own little sessions (in hours ) on phone with my mom , along with our occasional FaceTime sessions , where in she gives me all the update from Ahmedabad (even if i dont want 😅) , guiding me , advising me in times when i am confused and all other random stuff 😋 and last but not the least , where I am able to give myself that ‘LITTLE SPACE’ ( my METIME ) after all the hustle through out the day …. Whats ur #MyHome story ?? Congratulations @ektaravikapoor ma’am for this beautiful journey #home ❤️ . . @kanchisingh09 😘❤️ . I nominate @akankshagkhanna @vidhiipandya @purohitbhavini @rajabetasharad and @roop_durgapal 💝 Share ur #MyHome story 😌

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Avika Gor

Kanchi Singh

Home stars Annu Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Amol Parashar and Parikshit Sahani in pivotal roles. The 12-episode show will be streaming on ALTBalaji app and website from 29 August.