Superstar Rajinikanth was seen behind the wheel of a Lamborghini wearing a face mask, and obviously, the picture has gone viral.

The star is seen wearing a simple white shirt along with a face mask, and the senior actor continues influencing his followers to all be responsible citizens.

Fans of the star created the hashtag #LionInLamborghini on Twitter, the hashtag immediately started trending on all social media platforms.

“Wear Masks!!! Prevent Corona Risk!! #LionInLamborghini #Rajnikanth” wrote a fan.

“He is Self-driving the car for safety,” another fan shared.

“He is the brand ambassador for being simple… Yes he is a Superstar,” wrote a fan.

“He practices what he preaches. Wearing Mask inside his car as well. Leader for a reason” gushed another fan.

“Even at the AGE 70 Yrs this Man Thalaivar @rajinikanth Super Active & Energetic like any Youngsters. On-Screen, his Heroic Stunts & energy Fire Offscreen his Simple Persona,” wrote another fan.

“Being Famous is not enough, Being famous & responsible at every instance is very important,” wrote another user.