If not for a taxi driver, actress Anjena Kirti would have got lost in the Land of the Rising Sun while filming for upcoming Tamil family entertainer "Jumbo 3D", which has been predominantly shot in Japan.

"When I was shopping in a mall, I missed the address to my hotel written in Japanese. I was clueless but one of the Japanese taxi driver started talking to me in Tamil knowing that I’m from India. He came to my rescue," Anjena said in a statement.

Directed by Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan, "Jumbo 3D" is an Indo-Japanese collaboration featuring lot of Japanese actors.

"Around 90 percent of the film is shot in Japan. We shot in Toyama and Tokyo. The locations were so beautiful and exotic. Producer Hari is the founder of Tokyo Tamil Sangam. They were very warm with their hospitality. It made us feel at home," she said.

Also starring and Gokul and child actress Hamsika, the film is jointly produced by G. Hari and Japan-based Okida.