Malayalam actress Revathy, who is also one of the founding members of Women in Cinema Collective, took a veiled dig at actor Mohanlal for his recent statement on the MeToo movement. Though the 52-year-old actress didn’t mention the actor’s name, she quoted Mohanlal’s words in a tweet to slam the remark.

On Thursday, the 2 States actress took to Twitter and posted: “#MeToo movement a ‘FAD’ says a Renowned ACTOR. How do we bring some degree of sensitivity in such people? Like Anjali Menon says, the people who have just arrived from MARS have no clue what it means to get abused, what it takes to call out and how this can bring about change!!!”

At a press conference for a charity show on Monday, Mohanlal was asked for his views on the ongoing MeToo movement. “Everyone knows everything that has happened. There is not much problem right now in Malayalam film industry. Just don’t say things and create problems. You cannot believe that #MeToo is a movement. It is a fad, it is changing into a fashion. Anything new, it will be alive for a few days. It can happen everywhere, not only in films, everywhere,” the actor said.

Recently, Vinod Ganatra, who heads the seven-member non-feature film jury at the 49th International Film Festival of India, also called the MeToo campaign a “fad”.

“It is a fad which has come with time. It is a chance to get publicity and mileage. It will not last. What is authentic will last. What is not authentic will disappear. There are people who encourage it,” Ganatra said.