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Sneha Wagh: ‘I Am Very Thankful For All That I Have Achieved’

“Along with all the struggles that I had to undergo, a huge part of who I am today is because of the love from the audience” says Sneha Wagh.

SNS | New Delhi |

Sneha Wagh has had her foot in both the Marathi and Hindi industries for a while now. She has not only successfully created a name for herself in both industries, but has also been balancing them quite beautifully.

After starting her acting career with Marathi theatre when she was only 13 years old, Sneha carved a path for herself without having a godfather to help her out and is proud of her achievements.

She says, “I am extremely grateful and thankful for everything that I have achieved. Along with all the struggles that I had to undergo, a huge part of who I am today is because of the love from the audience. It’s all been humbling.”

Ask her how it feels to be a prominent part of both the Hindi and Marathi entertainment industries and Sneha reveals how glad she is. “Yes, I started from Marathi, then came into the Hindi industry. But the love I received from the Marathi industry when I went back to do Bigg Boss Marathi was massive. Despite a gap of 10-15 years, when I returned there, all the buzz that my name created was astounding. It proved that people still remember me and love me. It feels good to have the love and support of both the industries.” Sneha explained.

Sneha, who has studied from the London Film Academy, had no connections in the industry when she started her career. “I never had a Godfather in the industry. I never had someone who would guide me on what choice to make or what calls to take. I created my own path, took the risks that I believed I should take, kind of like a river, just flowing downstream, cutting rocks in its path. I have created a name for myself in the entertainment industry when things were not as smooth as they are now. And I am super happy about it,” Sneha adds.

And she is extremely floored by all the love that she receives. “I definitely want people to look up to me when it comes to my profession and how hard it is to succeed from amongst all of the competition that is there. I get messages from young girls who tell me that they are inspired by the career that I have made for myself, that they look up to me and that they want to be like me. If that isn’t the most rewarding compliment, then what is?” she signs off.