Director:Ajay Devgnnbsp;

Cast: nbsp;Ajay Devgan Erika Kaar Sayyesha Saigalnbsp;Abigail Eames Vir Das Saurabh Shukla and Girish Karnad


Panting for breath Ajay Devgn gasps impresses with remarkable stunts and the feat of climbing a mountain peak. He moves on with packed energy until he looks at the ground and spots a little doll in a red dress. He looks at it like he just found a trace to his lost child and the camera swings the shot away to give a glimpse of his past.

Actor director and producer he brings on his raw venture with vengeance to the cinema halls.nbsp;

Hot off the press Shivaay is the brave heart of the icy peaks! The movie takes away viewers nine years back to the past. He excels with exhilarating stunts as the valiant ldquo;hero of the Himalayasrdquo; and the chants of ldquo;Kar kar vinaashrdquo; reverberate in the mountain high.

A group of mountaineers join Shivaayfor a camping trip. While he crushes on Olga Erika Kaar who is on an adventurous escapade from Bulgaria. Amid snow falls and avalanches the passion of love sparks fire between the two. Not soon after they find out she’s pregnant.

The blame-game begins. Thunderbolts and a long fight later Shivaay forces her to ldquo;giftrdquo; him his ldquo;aadhi familyrdquo; with his argument that he would take care of the child no matter what befalls.nbsp;

Unwillingly she gives birth to her baby girl but returns to her hometown without even looking at her face. All she leaves behind is a hand-woven cute little doll.

Abigail Eames comes into the picture as his eight-year-old daughter Gaura. One fine day she finds out that her mother is alive and pleads Shivaay to take her to meet her just once. Like most Bollywood melodramas he agrees and the two spark off to their trip to Bulgaria.

Not soon after his daughter gets kidnapped and the web of loud action sequences thrilling stunts and messy story lines begins.

Will Shivaay be able to bring his daughter back from the devils? Who are the kidnappers and where are they hiding?nbsp;

There’s a lot to find out as Ajay takes the audience on the mad rip-roaring journey.

Ajay stays fixates on the big screen as the larger-than-life hero. ldquo;Wo kya Batman hai Superman hai Spiderman hai?rdquo; a character asks Sayyesha Saigal Shivaay’s aide in his wild-goose chase.nbsp;

Oh yes! Heads nod in unison to that line. Ajay is made out to be the superhero of the superheroes as Shivaayndash; the destroyer in his lsquo;Baap of Bollywoodrsquo; masala magic.

Not just with action sequences Ajay leaves onlookers in the lurch with cheesy one-liners and over-the-top dialogues too.

The performances are not bad but the storyline and plot deters the characters from putting their genuine acts on show.nbsp;

It is not just the lead actors ndash; Ajay Erika Sayyesha Abigail ndash; who fail to bring an emotional connect because of their overacting others like Saurabh Shukla Girish Karnad and Vir Das also disappoint.

The action espionage comes to a fall owing to its shaky script and nonsensical twists. As soon as you start to get some faith back in the story it disarms your thoughts with absurd idiosyncrasies.nbsp;

One thing that shines from the first frame to the last scene is the brilliant cinematography and photography.