Bollywood actor and cool dad of a one-year-old daughter, Shahid Kapoor is already preparing for a situation when Misha may face embarrassment due to him.

It is no news that children, no matter a star kid or a commoner, do have moments when they find their parents embarrassing. Luckily, the Padmaavat actor Shahid Kapoor has managed to prepare himself for such a situation.

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So, if someday when Misha grows up into a teenager and gets embarrassed by his father’s fashion choices, Shahid would have an answer to that. The actor recently won the Most Stylish Man title at the  GQ Style Awards in Mumbai.

During an interview, Shahid revealed how the award will help him prove Misha that he indeed is a stylish man. “You know the thing with style is that some things always stay in style… So many years later when my daughter is as old as Alia is today and I am not dressed that well and she doesn’t think I am so fashionable and she tells me, ‘You know Dad, you need to change the way you dress’, I am going to find this dusty little trophy lying somewhere and I’ll tell her ‘Many years back I got one of these. So, you can tell me what to wear when you get one of these’,” the actor said.’

Breakfast sugar rush. 🤓

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Among the actors, Jim Sarbh was named Style Maven, while Alia Bhatt won in the women’s category.