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Sanjay Dutt’s destressing mantra: Help others

SNS | New Delhi |

After a gruelling experience of having served a prison sentence, Sanjay Dutt has come out stronger and with even more positive outlook than ever before, inspiring many others who have had to deal with extreme stress in their lives. 
Recently, addressing groups of people in Delhi and Kolkata, Dutt shared his experiences and ways to deal with the challenges that life has thrown at him even as he is a free bird now. 
The actor who has sprung back into action after being away from his work, is being frequently approached these days for interactive sessions to inspire others who unfortunately have given up at several stages of life when faced with unfavourable circumstances. 
Dutt’s zeal to not give up on life and live it to the fullest despite challenges has encouraged people in various educational institutions to interact with him so as to be able to cope with problems and stress better.