Fans often draw inspiration from their favorite celebrities’ stories to get through situations in life. Here, an actor, Ali Fazal has confessed how Sanjay Dutt’s life inspired him. There are a few brave souls who do not shy away from taking the lead to discuss such matters which are of crucial importance. The Victoria and Abdul actor narrated his tale of hardships and failures.

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Ali has been shooting for the Sanjay Dutt Production, Prassthanam in his hometown of Lucknow and has been open about just how inspired he has been with Sanjay Dutt’s life, who has seen many ups and downs in his life since his younger days and yet has managed to survive through it all and come out a winner.

He also feels a connection to the Munnabhai actor due to the fact that Ali is a Doon School alum whereas Sanjay attended the Lawrence School in Sanawar, both prestigious boarding schools. He believes these similarities of even studying at boarding made him related to the Vaastav star.

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For someone who has had his fair share of difficult and trying times, Ali has learned so much from observing his on-screen father. “His life has inspired me in many ways. The times he has fallen and gotten up and delivered iconic performances. It’s a full life. It helped me battle my own childhood depressions and demons”, Ali said of his childhood inspiration.