Actor Salman Khan faces the brunt of yet another legal hassle as a court notice has been issued to him to change the name of his e-commerce web portal The Khan Market Traders Association is not amused with the name of the portal and they have decided to challenge the actor legally.

The traders’ association alleged that the web portal could confuse the customers who may think it represented the posh Khan Market, which is frequented by expats, diplomats, politicians, tourists and the like.

The star was asked to alter the name of the website but there was no response from him even after a lapse of 15 days. Following this, the Confederation of All India Traders has issued a legal notice to the actor to stop the use of the name “Khan Market” from the title of the portal.

The organisation alleges that the actor has used the name to cash in the name of an established shopping place. It felt that the name might confuse shoppers as they might be expecting to come across shops from the 65-year-old market.