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Salman, Arijit still can’t bury the hatchet; singer loses another song

SNS | New Delhi |

Singer Arijit Singh has become one of the most popular singers in recent years but one thing he hasn’t overcome yet is his spat with Bollywood’s ‘Dabangg’ that took place more than six years ago.

And the result is that the singer has lost another song, which features Salman in a special appearance.

Salman, who will be seen in a special appearance in Welcome To New York, has decided to go for Rahat-Fatehli-Khan instead of Arijit, who was the first choice of the makers of the film.

According to Bollywood Life, Salman is not very fond of Arijit after his infamous act of pulling Salman’s leg at an award show six years ago.

The bitterness between the two is so much that Arijit was replaced by Rahat because of Salman in the 2016 film Sultan, which the singer lost after recording the song Jag Ghoomeya.

The bone of contention is Arijit’s statement that turned out to be a little too much for the actor to digest.

“Kya Sir Sula Dia Aapne!” (What sir, you made us all sleep), Arijit said to Salman, who was hosting the award show six years ago.

Seems like this joke didn’t go too well with Sallu Bhai as it’s quite evident that the actor is still not able to bury the hatchet with the singer.

Arijit went on to apologise to the actor for his sarcastic remark on social platforms, where he posted a long apologetic note to the actor. But the singer hasn’t been forgiven by Salman, it seems.