‘Rosogolla’ in new Bengali romantic film makes sweet wave

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

Bengal’s famous sweet Rosogolla will now be the subject of a feature film with 19th century Kolkata as the backdrop.

The film, set in the Kolkata of 1860s’, is a teenage love story that revolves round the invention of Rosogolla, according to the film’s producer Shiboprosad Mukhopadhyay.

Pavel, the director of the film, says the movie is about how in 1868 Nabin Chandra Das, a sweet-maker, first introduced the cotton cheese ball dipped in sugary syrup, a precursor of rasogolla.


The film will also serve as a launch pad for two new actors.

“The period film while telling the story of rasogolla also narrates the life story of a common man,” Shiboprosad, who had earlier directed a string of hugely successful films like Belaseshe and Praktan, says.

In order to tell an authentic story of the sweet, Pavel researched for two years and also read Bengali 19th century classics including Hutumpachar NoksaAlaler Ghorer Dulal, Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay’s novels.

“We are not leaving any stone unturned. During recce we discovered that the Baghbazar of north Kolkata no more retains the look of the 19th Century and hence we are constructing a set in the studio,” Pavel says.