Actors Richard Gere and Steve Coogan along with Laura Linney are all set to star in writer-director Oren Moverman’s drama The Dinner.

Chloe Sevigny and Rebecca Hall have also been roped in to join the cast of the film, which will start filming this week in New York City, reported Entertainment Weekly.

The film is based on bestselling novel of the same name by Dutch author Herman Koch and revolves around two brothers (Coogan and Gere) and their spouses (Linney and Hall), who meet for a meal at a posh restaurant to talk about a dark secret involving their respective children.

"The Dinner is an extraordinarily provocative, conscience-bending ride that takes on culturally relevant issues and turns them into an intricate menu of human passions and primal fears," Moverman said during the announcement.

Cotty Chubb, Lawrence Inglee, Eddie Vaisman, and Julia Lebedev are producing the film.