Alia Bhatt was a shining example this 2014, of how to turn a blunder to one’s absolute advantage. While the beginning of the year questioned the 21-year-old star’s brainpower over her GK goof-up on KJo’s chat show, by August she had the last laugh with the Genius Of The Year spoof that brought her back on track, and stronger than before. Similarly, a leg injury involuntarily spawned the trend of sporting wedge sneakers over towering heels at fashion dos, and her bright pink and blue bandages effortlessly made a style statement while covering the bruises. By December, Bhatt began combining her youthfulness with sophisticated styles, and became a fashion icon in her own right.


The Italian jewellery and luxury brand Bulgari came back with a sparkle in the Indian market as it re-launched its store in India at DLF Emporio Mall this November. After a three year hiatus, the LVMH brand returned with a dazzling range of necklaces, rings and watches and wooed fashionistas from the get-go with a lavish launch party in the Capital. A favourite with Hollywood divas, we can look forward to many a Bulgari studded star in 2015.


Forget fitted pencil skirts; the hallmark of 2014 was a playful and billowy full skirt better known as the ‘dirndl’. Think retro styles from the 1950s’, with a nipped in waist and a flared circle that convey girly charm in an instant. International runways were rife with the trend in 2014, and just like the modest vintage hemline, current versions stuck to long lengths too with smart contemporary detailing.