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Star Wars Rebels S03E16: Through Imperial Eyes review

Prithviraj Dev |

Series: Star Wars Rebels

Director: Saul Ruiz

Cast: Taylor Gray, Freddie Prinze Jr, David Oyelowo, Tom Kane, Lars Mikkelsen and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

As we get closer to the season final of Star Wars Rebels (SWR), the episodes seem to be progressively improving and we sure aren't complaining!

Through Imperial Eyes, as the title suggests, puts the spotlight back on Imperial Agent Kallus aka Agent Fulcrum and amps up the tension from the very first scene.

Ezra gets himself captured to by the Empire to rescue Fulcrum, as the Rebels feel his transmissions are being monitored and he is on the verge of being caught (Finally!). Only to find as usual, that there is a certain complication or rather two, namely Colonel Yularen and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The two Imperial officers, among the most respected in the Imperial fleet, together on a ship raises eyebrows and you may even ask, it is overkill? 

Well, not if you have zeroed down on a traitor who has been feeding the enemy information for months to a scant few candidates. And as the game of cat and mouse mounts, the stakes are high as both the Empire and the Rebellion have a lot invested in the double agent.

So who is it?

Well of course, we know who it is, but the Imperials don’t and even as Kallus conspires to implicate his easily-prodded colleague, his childishly-simple plot seems to have momentarily fooled the Yularen and Thrawn. At that time it is hard to not be sceptical off the officers' abilities as they seem to have been thrown off the scent.

And thankfully, they aren't. 
The episode ends on an extremely interesting note as Kallus is now aware of the location of the Rebel base and by choosing to stay undercover, may just end up scuppering the Rebellion’s plans unknowingly.

For Thrawn is all-knowing and those crimson eyes see everything. One doesn't become Grand Admiral by fawning in front of the Emperor and if his past exploits are anything to go by, the Ghost crew and the rest of the Rebellion better batten down the hatches.

The challenge for SWR is that the series doesn't get sidetracked in the remaining episodes of season three and follows Through Imperial Eyes up with a satisfying conclusion in the weeks ahead.