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Star Wars Rebels S03E14: Trials of the Darksaber review

Prithviraj Dev |

Series: Star Wars Rebels

Cast: Tiya Sircar, Kevin McKidd, Vanessa Marshall, Freddie Prinze Jr, Taylor Gray

To put it mildly, Mandalorians are complicated individuals and anyone familiar with the Star Wars universe will not disagree on that fact. That is why it is no surprise that Star Wars Rebels (SWR) chose to focus on Sabine Wren for its latest episode.

Even for the war-crazy nation, Sabine’s chequered past has always made her an engaging character and while we have got a glimpse into her history earlier in the season, with Trials of the Darksaber, an imminent future is hinted at.

After the epic showdown with Maul on Dathomir had uncovered the Darksaber, one was left wondering when and if anyone would ever wield that infamous Lightsaber.

Being Mandalorian, Sabine was the ideal candidate but with Fenn Rau to raise doubt, the latest offering from SWR leaves no doubt that the femme fatale is the one tasked with the responsibility double-edged sword (both literally and figuratively).

As Ezra and Kanan put Sabine through her paces, it is easy to overlook her tender age as she overcomes her initial frustration of being taught how to walk before she can run. Kanan changes his approach as compared to when he used to train Ezra and even the young Jedi gives Sabine a lesson or two, which is a fun reminder on how far the young one has come in his journey with the Ghost crew.

While the training does seem a little predictable, the way Sabine opens up to Kanan, Ezra and Rau is terrific and agonising at the same time. Terrific as she is a woman now, ready to appeal to her crazy brothers and sisters to join the fight against the empire. Agonising because there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding her unceremonious departure from the Imperial Academy, something which had been hinted at, but hearing it from the lioness’ mouth is another matter altogether.

Whether she is able to accomplish the gigantic feat remain to be seen. It will be a miracle if she does.  One cannot wait for the next episode, as currently all roads lead to Mandalore!