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Star Wars Rebels S03E10: Visions and Voices review

Prithviraj Dev |

Series: Star Wars Rebels

Cast: Taylor Gray, Tiya Sircar, Tom Baker, Freddie Prinze Jr, Sam Witwer and Steve Blum

After a few wishy-washy episodes, Star Wars Rebels (SWR) has walked the talk in the last few weeks.

Following up from last week's excellent episode that was An Inside Man, the standards don't drop with Visions and Voices as Ezra and Maul take centre stage in an epic see-sawing battle.

As promised, the Dark Lord of The Sith returns and is quite menacing as he pushes his agenda to pin-point Obi Wan Kenobi's location in the sprawling Star Wars universe.

The penultimate installment of the third season of SWR, the tension truly feels it is on a knife-edge as Ezra takes the bait, not surprising considering the rewards involved.

From the off, the episode moves at a breakneck speed, beginning with Ezra's visions of Maul and ending with their showdown on Dathomir (Yes, that Dathomir). In between, the enigmatic Bendu makes an appearance and truly lives up to his word of non-alignment towards either the light or the dark side. The action flows thick and fast, but not once does it overwhelm as the brief interludes subtly balance out Visions and Voices. 

And while season four is yet to be confirmed by the good people at Disney, the revelation when Maul and Ezra combine for the 'greater good' really paves the way for a former general of the Clone Wars to make a grand entry into SWR's next season.

The only blemish on Visions and Voices report card is the almost-comical ghosts that attack Kanan, Ezra and Sabine in the final act. While mocking the dead should never be in fashion, after watching the final few minutes, a couple of inappropriate jokes will surely come to mind. Sabine flits in and out but her final scene really takes the cake. Hint: Black Lightsaber!

All in all, a very strong episode indeed, proving to be enjoyable and grey-matter engaging at the same time. 

Unfortunately, the finale is due in January (too far!) and scores of Star Wars fans will have to make do with a certain feature film that releases this week. Fingers crossed that the Ghost crew make it to the big screen!