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Star Wars Rebels S03E09: An Inside Man review

Prithviraj Dev |

Series: Star Wars Rebels
Cast: Taylor Gray, Lars Mikkelsen, Freddie Prince Jr, David Oyelowo, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Over the course of three seasons, Star Wars Rebels (SWR) has built up an impressive fan following. Well, as the audience has matured, so have their demands.
The third season began on a great note, with Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) evoking fear and respect each time his cold imperial presence came onscreen.
However, the episodes lacking him have felt very flat and very much been there done that. Successfully defying the Empire time and time again becomes blasé after a point of time. 
Perhaps, the creators felt it themselves and in The Inside Job give a heady cocktail of brilliant writing along with the menace of Thrawn present throughout.
In a stunning revelation, Fulcrum’s identity is revealed to Kanan and Ezra, who are in a fine mess at the Imperial Factory on Lothal. However, the spy could be a double or even triple agent, and Thrawn has an interesting plan to counter this piece of information, which makes the wait for next week’s episode almost unbearable.
The Blue-skinned Imperial is renowned for his ruthlessness, yet somehow manages to enhance his alread legendary reputation with an impressive investigation of saboteurs in Empire’s factory. His ability to remain calm amidst the chaos that ensues every time he runs in with the Rebels is admirable despite his overall sinister nature.
Finally, the right notes have been hit and as we near the season finale, there is an underlying tension which is growing, making one fear about the fate of the beloved Ghost crew. And this feeling of uncertainty has brought back the spark to SWR in the nick of time.