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Star Wars Rebels S03e08: The Wynkahthu Job review

Just three more episodes left in the season, what is to be the fate of the Ghost crew?

Prithviraj Dev |

Series: Star Wars Rebels
Cast: Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, Jim Cummings, Steve Blum
After last week’s debacle–The Iron Squadron, Star Wars Rebels(SWR) was in desperate need of a fillip. But sadly, Wynkahthu Job failed to nail it.
Had it been a standalone episode, or perhaps in the debut season, it would have been great.
This is the third season. While the 8th episode is fun at times, for the most part it just feels disjointed and staid.
How many times have we seen a typical supply run for the fledgling rebellion go awry because of some hidden complications?
Young Ezra may be shaping up to be a fine warrior, but his decision making, as Hera puts it, “Can’t be trusted.” Yes he is an adolescent at the end of the day, but an adept in the force should be a little wary when dealing with the likes of Hando Onaka.
The devious pirate returns to give our heroes details about some much-needed weapons and while there are some mirthful moments, it simply isn’t enough at such an advanced stage of SWR. Stuck in a space storm, the Ghost crew could get what they need for probably the 250th time (who’s counting?) without too much fuss.
With just three more episodes to go, the makers need to up the stakes if we are to continue watching the denizens of a galaxy far, far away.