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Rangoon reveals Kangana’s true beauty

SNS | New Delhi |

She looks beautiful as she dances on a train and he could have been the Man Who Saw Her Beauty. And, it could well be a tribute to her beauty.

All thanks to film maker Vishal Bhardwaj, who often reinvents actors in his films, this time the actress in question is Kangana Ranaut. Vishal attempts to bring out her true beauty in his new film Rangoon.   

"Vishal sir has a habit of reinventing his actors. Before this, no one has explored my beauty on screen.I was given a fake nose in Revolver Rani and a set of fake teeth in Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Throughout the look test, Vishal sir kept saying, `Make her look prettier than she already is'. We've kept the look very authentic, including the curls in my hair,“ Kangana said.

The period drama, set in World War II, has Kangana play Miss Julia, an artiste who embarks on an expedition to buoy the spirit of the soldiers.

In the film's latest song Tipa, Kangana dances on an open bogey. Choreographed by Farah Khan, the song scene was shot in picturesque Arunachal Pradesh. A rail track was specially created to shoot the number, sources said.

The place was quite remote and the team faced many challenges, including lack of mobile network and toilets.

“The phone network was really bad. It got especially difficult when I had to deal with a legal issue back home in Mumbai. We'd drive 20 kilometers to receive calls.But otherwise, when I am working, I love non-network zones, especially places like Arunachal Pradesh, which are so beautiful. They bring me closer to the people I work with," the actress said.

"Yes, we didn't have loos, but I am a mountain woman, so I could pee behind the rocks and be cool about it. Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor were sporting, too,“ she added.

"That's not all. Eager to see Kangana dancing, huge crowds would gather on the location, with some crazy fans even running behind the train.In a bid to avoid being mobbed, the crew finally started shooting early in the day, much before the village would wake up," a source close to the actress added.

The film is set for release on February 24.