Rajkummar Rao-starrer Stree teaser is here and it’s undoubtedly chilling. The makers unveiled the first ever teaser which definitely has a hint at spookiness that intrigues us more to watch the film.

Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor took to Twitter and shared a 59-second video. The teaser shows a deserted town where no one is in sight, but in the bylanes on various walls, there is a message, “O Stree, Kal aana” (‘Stree’, come tomorrow).  A message at the end of the short clip read: “The film is based on a ‘ridiculously’ true phenomenon.”

The film is based on an urban legend set in a small village named Chanderi in Bhopal. The story is inspired by the Karnataka case of Nale Ba, which took place in the 1990s. According to people, a witch roamed around the lanes and knocked at doors, imitating a voice of someone known to the resident. The people who answered the door died mysteriously. The people then started writing ‘Nale Ba’ on the walls which mean ‘come tomorrow’ to avoid the witch.

Stree is scheduled to hit the screens on August 31. The film is backed by Maddock Films, jointly produced by Dinesh Vijan and Raj and DK.