Vexed with the sudden leak of steamy scenes from his upcoming international venture Parched, actor Adil Hussain said, “it shows how sexually obsessed a lot of people in our society are”.

The scenes featuring Adil and actress Radhika Apte has been doing the rounds of social media and the perpetrator behind it hasn’t been identified yet.

“It felt bizarre in the beginning. In fact, it felt very weird,” Adil was quoted as saying to a leading daily.

“It shows how sexually obsessed a lot of people in our society are. You leak only the sex scene and no other beautiful scenes from the film. It only shows that we are extremely obsessed about sex and yet we don’t want to talk about it. We shun it, shove it under the carpet and don’t want to show it to people,” the actor added.

Not only did he express his anger at the leak, he put the spotlight on the title of the file.

Bringing the patriarchal mindset to the fore, he said, “The most interesting aspect is that the leaked video is titled as Radhika Apte sex scene and not as Adil Hussain sex scene. That&’s because a man doing it is just another matter whereas when a woman does it, it does matter. It is only then when it becomes a sex scene. It also shows the patriarchal society that we live in. In the West, such scenes are normally shown in their films.”

The actor also said that he is sure “it is a man, and not a woman, and that too an Indian man”.

Based on a story about women in rural Gujarat, the film is directed by Leena Yadav.