Rohit Jugraj is currently busy filming his latest film that promises to be a film on a far bigger canvas.

The movie titled Khido Khundi, the filmmaker’s bilingual Hindi and Punjabi film, is based on a village in Punjab, which has given India as many as 14 Olympic medallists.

Rohit, who has directed three Punjabi superhits — Jatt James Bond, Sardarji, and Sardarji 2 with Diljit Dosanjh — says that his movie will shed light on the village that’s made India proud.

“Many Olympic gold, silver and bronze medals came from this one village called Sansarpur, Of course, like all good things, the heroes are forgotten now. Khido in the title stands for a ball made of torn clothes, while Khundi means a curved stick. That’s how hockey was born. Ours is a story of two brothers, who come back to the village, and revive a team. And win,

“There are many hockey films being made in the country, but we’re the first to release. And it’s the most definitive one because ours is not about a single person or a single event. It’s about the fierce bravado and heroism underlining our national game,” Jugraj adds.

The film, which features Ranjit Bawa and Manav Vij in the lead, is scheduled to release in March 2018.