Newcomer Rytasha Rathore, who will soon be seen portraying an over-sized girl in the upcoming TV show Badho Bahu, says she had never thought she would be a part of the TV industry.

"I am still adjusting. It is overwhelming for sure…I did not imagine my life like this. I had never thought that I will be a part of TV," Rytasha, who has studied acting and is also a theatre artiste, said at the launch of Badho Bahu here.

The debutante says that the show "fell on her lap and I decided to do it".

Rytasha says it is a "huge transition" from theatre to TV for her, but she is enjoying it.

"It is a huge transition from doing theatre to suddenly being in shoots for seven days a week with no other life. So, it is overwhelming. I am adjusting and enjoying though," Rytasha added.

Badho Bahu, a 260-episode show, also features reality TV personality Prince Narula, who bagged the winning trophy of the controversial reality TV show Bigg Boss 9, Pankaj Dheer, Jaya Ojha, Arhaan Khan and Sangeeta Panwar.

How did theatre prepare Rytasha as an actor?

"I studied acting for three years in an art college in Singapore. So, what happens is that the only tool you have is your body and your voice. Doing theatre really gives you an awareness of everything your body is doing, everything you are feeling," she said.

She said that for trained actors it is different.

"For us, who have done theatre or acting classes there is a kind of ‘Bindaasness’ that comes in you. It makes you very un-inhibited because you have been on stage, you have been naked and vulnerable in front of the audience and shared emotions with thousands of people. You have nothing to lose," Rytasha said.