Honey Singh, music composer and one of the pioneers of Punjabi music who changed its perception with his style and rap, has recently revealed who he considers his biggest critics.

Sharing that he has always received huge support from them, which helped him create music, the rapper said, “My whole life and career is dedicated to my family.

During my break around 2014, I wasn’t able to compose music. There was a lot of support from my family at that time. I made a lot of songs during this period [that released and became hits in 2017-18]. My father is a great listener. He predicts very well whether a song will be a hit or not.”

According to Yo Yo Honey Singh, his mother has been the biggest influence on his career. Recalling the time when he was suffering from bipolar disorder, he shared that his mother helped him with the lyrics of his popular hit, Dheere Dheere.

He also credits his wife for standing by him through the highs and lows of life. “My wife and I have known each other for 17 years. She has been supportive throughout my bad phase, when even my family didn’t know how to handle the situation. She is a brave lady and because of her, many things in my life have become splendid,” says Yo Yo, adding that apart from being his pillar of strength, Shalini was also his harshest critic.

“She is a good critic as well. She does not always praise my songs.”

He also believes that he is lucky to have a “musical family” around him. “Even when I make something in the future I will ask them to help me. After all, no one’s above family. They are your only well wishers. Others are just passers-by.”

Singh had a great time last year with his compositions and tracks not just topping charts and breaking viewers record on the internet, they also won awards for him. From the Dil Chori and Urvashi remakes, Chote Chote Peg, party track Rangtaari, This Party Is Over Now also did well.

His latest comeback with music video, Makhna broke the internet owing to his massive fan following.

With his peppy tunes and funky style, Yo Yo Honey Singh has forever kept the audience awaiting for his upcoming work.