Kelly Clarkson says singing sensation Pink “inspired” her to be a singer.

Clarkson credited Pink for helping her become “progressive with her sound” and showing people how important it is that women in the industry are not pitted against each other, reports

“I’m a huge fan of hers (Pink). I just want to talk about the women who really inspired me to be a singer and to be motivated and be progressive with my sound, and Pink is one of those people,” Clarkson said at the Billboard’s Women in Music 2017 awards show on Thursday night.

“I was so excited to perform with her because I was such a huge fan of hers since the 1990s. It was more or less a positive situation of women coming together and not getting pitted against each other.

“Just accept the fact that there is room for everyone. That’s my real goal … to remind everyone that there’s room for everyone. We’ve got to start respecting each other first and not with the beef,” she added.