Javed Akhtar is the latest celebrity to draw flak from Twitterati. The popular lyricist/screenwriter recently shared his grief on Twitter after hearing the news of singer Girija Devi’s demise. Although, there was nothing wrong in the tweet, except for a typo error; tweet peeps were quick to react.

Akhtar had initially written, “Girija Devi was not only a great classical sinner but a national treasurer. We are poorer without her.”

Javed Akhtar’s initial tweet (Photo Credits: Twitter)

As soon as this tweet was rolled out, people started commenting on it and started making memes on the veteran. However, the tweet was later deleted post realisation of the error and Akhtar posted another tweet. But the damage had been done.

Here is a look at the tweets that followed his post:

The singer, a Thumri exponent, died following a cardiac arrest at a hospital in Kolkata. She was 88.

She was brought to the hospital in a critical official and breathed her last around 9 p.m., a BM Birla Hospital spokesperson said.

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