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Weekend Movie Matinee: Oscars’ then and now

Mehak Chauhan | New Delhi |

Art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination in a visual form to be appreciated for its beauty and emotional power.

A work of art when recognised becomes a classic.

A film, an art, a brain child of its maker when is critically acclaimed, loved and appreciated, and becomes recipient of the most prestigious awards can surely be called a classic.

Hard-hitting cinema, heart wrenching emotions, brain teasing story lines and spell binding cinematography, the world of cinema has it all.

And the most prestigious awards of all, Oscars is a dream to be won.

The awards unite the film fraternity all across the world. The red carpet and the splendid starry night bring the most talented artistes under the same roof.

Oscars are not just confined to Hollywood anymore; the craze is all around the world.

The best of the films await these awards and those who win one surely have a feather in their hat to cherish forever.

From Leonardo DiCaprio’s win to India’s nominations, the awards have always been the hot topic of almost every movie buff’s conversation.

Not only the announcement of winners is the exciting part of these awards but the history of Oscars is equally interesting.

Oscars- the most prestigious awards to annually honour the best creations and performances in the field of cinema are also called Academy awards.

The first ever award ceremony took place in the year 1929 which was a private affair and selected guests could witness the event. Unlike the current ritual of the award shows, the winners of the first ever Oscars were announced three months before the ceremony took place.

On May 16, 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel’s blossom room the first batch of awards were given.

The first Oscar for best actor was bagged by German tragedian Emil Jannings for 'The Last Command' and 'The Way of All Flesh'.

The actor had to return to Europe much before the actual ceremony, so on his request the Academy gave him the award early making his award the first Academy Award to be ever presented.

The award for best actress was won by Janet Gaynor, for her performance in 'Seventh Heaven', 'Street Angel' and 'Sunrise'.

There were two awards in direction; Frank Borzage won for Dramatic Picture and Lewis Milestone for Comedic Picture.

Crediting the magnificence of these awards to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the world awaits for the Oscar night every year. On February 26, 2017 the 89th Academy awards will be presented.

Film actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. was chosen as the first president of the Academy with total 36 members.

AMPAS brain child, the whole event is categorised into around 24 categories this time although the first one had only 12 categories.

Since 1929, Oscar ceremony has been publicly broadcast. From Radio to Television to print media, the news used to be everywhere.

Till 1953, radio broadcast used to take place and thereafter, the ceremony was switched to TV. During the first 10 years, the results of the award ceremony were given to newspapers for publication at 11 in the night right after the awards.

However, Los Angeles Times ruined the ritual by announcing the winners even before the ceremony began. Hence, use of a sealed envelope to carry the names of winners came into being.

The first ever coloured broadcast of the awards was in the year 1966 which made the experience for viewers even more dazzling.

Since 2002, the awards have been broadcast from the Kodak Theatre.

Currently Oscars are watched internationally and reaches movie fans in over 200 countries.

So while you plan to spend this weekend binge watching your favourite Oscar award winning movies, share with us which is your most favourite and why in the comment section below.